Academic Council

Sr. No.




Vice Chancellor-Dr. Prakash B. Behere



Dean(s) of Faculties

  1. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Dean, Medical Faculty
  2. Mrs. Suchitrarani Rathod, Dean, Allied Health Sciences
  3. Dr. C. D. Lokhande, Dean, Interdisciplinary Studies



Heads of the Departments

  1. Dr. Mrs. V. R. Nikam, HOD Anatomy
  2. Dr. Mrs. A. A. Joshi, HOD Physiology
  3. Dr. B. M. Tiwale, HOD Biochemistry
  4. Dr. Mrs. M. A. Burande, HOD Pharmacology
  5. Dr. Mrs. S. S. More, HOD Pathology
  6. Dr. Mahadev A. Mane, IHBT
  7. Dr. P. G. Shadija, HOD Microbiology
  8. Dr. Mrs. Anjali Wagh, HOD PSM
  9. Dr. R. J. Khyalappa, HOD Medicine
  10. Dr. Mohan Potdar, TB & Chest
  11. Dr. G. R. Harshe, HOD Psychiatry
  12. Dr. R. V. Ranade, Dermatology
  13. Dr. A. B. Kurane, HOD Pediatrics
  14. Dr. R. M. Kulkarni, Surgery
  15. Dr. Salim Lad, HOD Orthopedics
  16. Dr. M. M. Sabnis, HOD Ophthalmology
  17. Dr. Mrs. K. R. Kulkarni, HOD Anesthesia
  18. Dr. Mrs. R. S. Mane, HOD ENT
  19. Dr. Shashikant Kulkarni, HOD Obst & Gyn
  20. Dr. N. D. Wadhwani, HOD Radiology
  21. Dr. B. R. Patil, Dentistry



All Professors other than the Heads of the Departments (by rotation of seniority)

  1. Dr. Mrs. A. D. Patil, Anatomy
  2. Dr. Mrs. Padmaja Desai, Physiology
  3. Dr. V. S. Patil, P & SM
  4. Dr. Jeevankumar U. Yadav, P & SM
  5. Dr. V. R. Wagh, Medicine
  6. Dr. Ms. S. K. Jotkar, Medicine
  7. Dr. Mrs. Shimpa Sharma, Medicine
  8. Dr. Mohan Patil, Pediatrics
  9. Dr. Mrs. N. B. Patil, Pediatrics
  10. Dr. A. D. Chougule, Surgery
  11. Dr. A. A. Kulkarni, Surgery
  12. Dr. Mansing Ghatage, Surgery 
  13. Dr. N. D. Bhosale, Orthopedics
  14. Dr. B. C. Patil, ENT
  15. Dr. Tulsi Subramaniam, Dentistry
  16. Dr. Ajit N. Patil, Obst & Gyn 
  17. Dr. Niranjan Patil, Radiology
  18. Dr. Pradeep Patil, Radiology


Two Associate Professors from the Departments other than the Heads of the Departments by rotation of seniority

  1. Dr. Rajendra Mane, Medicine 
  2. Dr. Mrs. Vasudha Sawant, Obst & Gyn



Two Assistant Professors from the Departments by rotation of seniority

  1. Dr. Indumathi S., Stem Cell & R. M. 
  2. Manisha Bijapurkar, Nursing College



Three persons from amongst educationists of repute or persons from any other field related to the activities of the Institution Deemed to be University who are not in the service of the Institution Deemed to be University, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor

  1. Dr. Mrs. N. S. Mahantashetti, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, KLE, JNMC, Belgaum 
  2. Dr. Fulari Vijay Janardhan, Professor & Head, Department of Physics, Shivaji University, Kolhapur
  3. Dr. A. Y. Kshirsagar, Professor, Department of Surgery, Krishna Insitute of Medical Sciences, Karad


Three persons who are not members of the teaching staff, co-opted by the Academic Council for their specialized knowledge

  1. Dr. Kiran Doshi, Orthopedic Surgeon, Kolhapur
  2. Dr. Abhay Gaidhane, Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Sawangi (Meghe), Wardha- 442004
  3. Dr. B. C. Kalmath, Cardiac Surgeon, Laxmi Nagar, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra - 400606



Registrar-Dr. V. V. Bhosale